A Great Interview with Sy Montgomery

Sy Montgomery is one of the best science writers today and I love her work so much.  If you haven’t added the Scientists in the Field series to your class library you must do so ASAP.  Her titles (and all of them, honestly) are must-reads!  In addition, her adult books appeal to many of my YA readers.

Because I’m a huge fan I love learning about the research behind Montgomery’s books.  A few weeks ago I stumbled on an interview posted on a blog, Notes From Kenya,  run by the students in the Holekamp Lab at Michigan State University, College of Natural Science.  Sy Montgomery spent time at the Holekamp Lab for a new Scientists in the Field book!  I know I can’t wait to get a copy of the book (The Hyena Scientist) and look forward to sharing it with my students.

The interview posted on the MSU blog is fantastic and highly recommended!