Time in Nature = Happier, Better Students


Sometimes I’m asked why non-science teachers should bother trying to work nature into their curriculum.  Thanks to the Children & Nature Network I can share this handy infographic with those folks! The graphic focuses on younger students but there is no reason we can’t apply the same ideas to older students.  What teacher doesn’t want to see their students more focused?  Not to mention, studies show that spending time outside  boosts performance in reading and writing and enhances creativity and critical thinking.  As an English teacher, these are things I strive to help my students with every day.  How wonderful is it that we can help students achieve many of these things just by providing them with time outside?

And you don’t even have to get outside! Studies have shown that students who are able to view nature through school windows also receive a boost in academic performance.  Too often, our classroom windows are covered by blinds.  If they aren’t covered with blinds, teachers often end up scolding students for staring out the windows and daydreaming.  But what if we could harness students’ interest in what’s outside the window?

I am thinking about getting one of these window bird feeders for my classroom windows this fall.  I’m in the basement, so I don’t have large windows.  However, the windows I do have are under a tree that many species of birds use throughout the school year.  We also have resident squirrels and a groundhog.  My students can’t see much out of the windows, so I hope that adding something like this feeder might help bring a little bit more of nature into our classroom.

If your classroom is not in the basement you might be interested in some of the window birdhouses that are available.  They won’t work for me because no bird wants to nest that close to the ground.  However, they are great for classrooms on the 1st floor or higher.  The birdhouses use suction cups to stick to the glass and have a window on the inside allowing viewers to watch the birds build their nest and hatch their young.  It’s like a class pet, without the clean up!

These are just a few ways that we can bring the outdoors in.  How do you bring nature into your classroom?


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